Tara Zanzig (b.1975) received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. 
For a few years after graduation, Tara screenprinted, painted and drew from rudimentary home studios. She worked at Kinko's and published a zine. 
Circa 2002, she left Kinko's to work at a screen print and embroidery manufacturer, Sharprint, While printing her own work intermittently at Screwball Press, she primarily painted. Her first shows in 2007 were paintings. Shifting her focus back to screen print, Tara moved into a private studio at Spudnik Press in 2010.
Late 2013, she resigned from Sharprint to focus on fine art and experimental screen printing. She moved her studio to Fugscreens Studios on Ashland Ave in 2014 and Fugscreens below All Star Press on Milwaukee Ave through 2018.
From 2014-2018 Tara worked in screen print, street art, and teaching. Mid 2016, she picked up various creative and administrative roles at Spudnik Press for the next year and a half.  
In 2018, Tara had two solo exhibitions - EGO and WORK. Underlying themes in these shows emerged during her years at SAIC and were able to culminate into concise expressions of free form explorations. 
Tara continued to exhibit related new work through 2019.

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