The birth of tararchY (tare-ahr-key)
Born in Woodstock, IL in 1975, I grew up in Jupiter, FL. I moved to Chicago in 1998. I'd dreamed of city livin and art school was a smart way to get here. In 2001, I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
I coined the word Tararchy my first year at SAIC as part of a 3D class assignment. The above photo, is a curb of art. First, I cast a curb located about a block from my dorm on State & Lake. Then, I made a cement mold. Before the cement was dry, I carved "Tararchy". This early piece questions the definition of art based on the context of the observer - a theme I explore to this day.
Call me tara (tare-ah)
As an artist, the subjects I'm most interested in are idealistic and optimistic. I study philosophies, spiritual practices and culture to apply what I've learned towards a utopian society. Images in my artwork symbolize ideas. Through paint, print and the mixing of these media I contemplate these ideas.
As a teacher, I can connect with a variety of people in a meaningful way. My goal as a teacher is to present the process in a simple, hands on way that allows your personal style to show through the medium. Personal style is your innate creativity and is not limited to artists. I also find the experience of taking classes and learning new things incredibly valuable no matter how old you are.
As a screen printer, I serve a unique niche in custom hand-pulled screen prints. I specialize in non-traditional screen printing and paper or fabric orders under 100 pieces. My goal is to provide experienced and personal attention from initial contact through order delivery. As a small business, your order is as important to me as it is to you.
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