1502 N Florida Ave, Tampa FL
25' x 54’, Exterior Latex
My first mural, this piece debuted the use of moon and sun. These symbols are still frequent in my work. The mural was painted during a time of renewed prosperity for this area of Tampa. The figure keeps a watchful eye on the less fortunate and transient that call it home. 
Billie Jean, The Legend
2515 S Wabash Ave, Chicago
12' x 4', Acrylic on Denim
PB&J or Painting, Beer, & Jeans was a group exhibition sponsored by Dearborn Denim & Baderbrau Brewing. For this piece, I countered the clever exhibition title with my own word play featuring a pop heroine from my childhood in the 80s: Billie Jean, from The Legend of Billie Jean.
344 N State St, Chicago
(21) 2'x2' Panels, Screen Print & Acrylic Paint on Birch
Through repetition and hand embellishment this piece mimics the game of ping pong with a cool, fun vibe featuring individuals from the organization's leadership.
Private Residence, Damen Ave x Chicago Ave, Chicago
30' x 8', Exterior Latex
While the sketch was created from wall dimensions provided by the owner, rumor has it, this portrait looks just like the upstairs tenant at the time.

Private Residence, Chicago
2.5"w x 6.5"h, Exterior Latex
Through a series of sketches and conversations, I collaborated with the owners to create a piece that would add interest and beauty to the neighborhood while promoting balance and energy for their space.
Peace Despite Adversity
2200 N. California Avenue, Chicago
8' x 12', Acrylic
For a restroom in the former restaurant & music venue, I offer visitors a moment of quiet.
Yellow Brick Row
Franklin Street, Tampa FL
44' x 18', Exterior Latex
Franklin Street, referred to as Yellow Brick Row, is known for its historic yellow brick buildings. Sponsored by the Tampa Civic Association and The Salvation Army, this mural was developed as part of a neighborhood revitalization initiative. Each of the characters represents one of the first businesses to open on the street including a coffee shop, woodworking school, community center, and brewery. The Tampa skyline is featured in the background.
Who Do You Love?
72 East 11th Street, Chicago
150' x 50', Exterior Latex
This mural was created as part of Big Walls, a mural project along Wabash Avenue. Located next to a park frequented by students, dog walkers and local residence, my goal was to provide positive inspiration for contemplation and reflection. 
Indianapolis, Indiana
36' X 12', Exterior Latex & Spray Paint
Collaboration with VI CENTS. A friend of a friend, I met this artist the day we collaborated on a wall together.
Beauty & Brawn Gallery, Chicago
12' x 24', Acrylic
This piece was created in response to an Instagram call for an open wall from a local gallery. As my first opportunity create a large work outside of the studio, my interest was in experimenting with portraiture.
To be continu...
Northcoast Music Festival, Chicago
16' x 8', Acrylic on Wood
Live painting mural created as part of Northcoast Music Festival's silent dance party.

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